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June 11, 2012


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A few people asked, so here you go! :D  Unfortunately, there really aren't any genuine names that Himaruya gave them, so I'm just listing the possibilities.

Italy: An unofficial name Himaruya suggested was Alice (pronounced Ah-LEE-che).  Itako is her given nickname.  While the Western fandom sometimes calls her Felicia or Felice, the name given by the Japanese fandom that Himaruya approved is Daisy Vargas.  Although, sometimes Daisy is referred to her as her middle name, with Feliciana being her first.
Germany: An unofficial name Himaruya suggested was Monica, or Monika as the Germany variant.  Doiku and Dokuko are nicknames that refer to female Germany, meant to be a pun for the Japanese word for Germany, Doitsu.  She is also sometimes referred to as Nyoitsu.  Also in both the Japanese and Western fandoms her given name is typically Louise or Luise.
Japan: Fanon name is Honda Sakura, though it is not official.  Himaruya once stated that if he had to choose an official name, he would've chosen Ponko or Mameko.  Some of the Japanese fandom calls her Nichiko or Nihoko.
America: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  In the Japanese fandom she is referred to as Emily Jones, although some English-speaking have named her Amelia.  Ameriko is a nickname used for her with sometimes the A being left out, leaving just Meriko, or the name is shortened by fans to either Rika or Meri.  Nyomerika is a name used to reference her.
England: Both fans and Himaruya alike refer to her character as Igiko in Japan, although that's not really her name.  A fan suggested naming her Rosa, but Himaruya decided against it.  She is sometimes referred to as Eiko or Nyoigi and was given the name Alice Kirkland in the Japanese fandom, although the English fandom sometimes calls her Elizabeth or Victoria.
France: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  Her fanon name is Françoise Bonnefoy.  Although, some fans call her Marianne or Francine as well.  Frani and Franny are nicknames given to her, as well as Franiko (but not often).
Russia: Himaruya likes her fanon name, Anya Braginskaya, but he never named it as official.  Her nickname is Kolko and is sometimes referred to as Roshiko.
China: Himaruya likes her fanon name, Wang Chun-Yan (Chun-Yan Wang in Western order), but he never named it as official.  Nene is her nickname.
Austria: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  Nyosutoria is her Japanese fanon nickname.  Anneliese is her Western fanon nickname.  Her typically used fanon name, however, is either Sophie or Sophia.
Belarus: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  His fanon name is Nikolai Arlofsky.
Belgium: No names listed.
Canada: Her polar bear's name is Kumarie.  Himaruya mentioned he liked the name Maguerite (Meg for short) for her, but never said it was official.  Some people refer to her as Maddie, Madeline or Nyonada.
Hungary: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  Fan official name in the Japanese fandom is Daniel Héderváry, though Gary (or Gari) are sometimes used.
Hong Kong: No names listed.
Korea: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  Fandom usually simply calls her Fem!Korea.  An occasionally used named by the fandom is Im Soo Jin.
Liechtenstein: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  The Japanese fandom calls him either Hr. Noah Stein or sometimes gives him his brother's surname, making him Hr. Noah Zwingli.  Hr. is Herr for short, meaning "Mister" in Germany and Scandinavia.  Rihi-kun and Stein-kun are his two nicknames.
Monaco: No names listed.
Prussia: Himaruya likes the name Julchen (nickname for Julia), although it is not official.  Some fans call her Marie.  Some of the fandom calls her Maria, her full name being Gilbert Maria Beilschmidt or Maria Gilbert Beilschmidt.
Seychelles: No names listed.
South Italy: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.  Fanon name given by Japanese fans is Katarina Vargas (can also be spelled Caterina).  In the Western fandom, however, most call her Lovina.  Himaruya likes the fanon name Chiara (pronounced Key-ARE-ah), though it is not official.  
Spain: No suggested names by Himaruya.  Her two fan-official names in Japan are Isabel Fernandez Carriedo and Carmen Hernandez Carriedo.  Nyotabun is her nickname.
Sweden: No names listed.
Taiwan: No names listed.
Ukraine: No names listed.
Vietnam: No official or suggested names are Himaruya.  His fanon name is usually Viet-kun.
Wy: No names listed.
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Yugana-Kagami Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think people forget that "America" is a female name. I think it would be cute with Erica as a nick name. Who's with me! \^0^/
Itsinmybloodyouknow Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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YellowBeast Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
What in the name of God did I just read.  For one thing, there are other people named Emily and a person can give fem!America any name they want, whether there is an official name or not since she's not real.  You can make nyo!America's name Amelia all you want, but to say no one can name her Emily is just...ridiculously stupid and I'm pretty sure you're a troll by the sheer idiocy of that statement.

(By the way, there's no such thing as an "American" name.  American isn't an ethnicity unless you're talking about Native Americans.)
Miabia100 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Calm down, people use this as a reference tool, I mean you can use any name you want for whatever you need them for but still people use this for help on names. People like the name Emily and or HAVE the name Emily and for you to say something like that is disrespectful and childish, grow up. How is the admin an idiot for that? You're the idiot, the idiot who doesn't know how to respect others, I suggest you learn how to do so if you plan on making friends or at least people you can get along with. 

Oh and by the way honey, there is a such thing as an Americanized name, as Lilly-okami said before we have names of ENGLISH origin. Learn how to hold your tongue because you sound not only Ignorant but rude. 

I cannot stand assholes like you and even if the Admin tolerates it I don't and apparently so don't a lot of other people. 
YellowBeast Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I was annoyed the admin said "it CAN'T be my name", as if NO ONE can use her name for fem!America, which is just a dumb exclamation to make.  It's like saying NO ONE can use MY name for anyone/anything EVER because I have that name.

Also, you tell me to respect others, but you call me an idiot and an asshole and you pretty much tell me I don't have any friends and never will, when that is very much not true.  Anyway, if you look at the other comments on this journal and the other human names one, it's full of people asking for names and making stupid statements when I clearly explain in both journals that any country not on the list does not have any given name.  It gets real old and real annoying real fast when my feedback is nothing but "HIS NAME IS *THIS* YOU IDIOT", and the only reason I leave comments on is because I get genuine questions that I want to answer.

But yeah, I just wanted to clear that up.  I do admit to being cranky at the time and I shouldn't have been as mean.  I should have just ignored it.  And I don't want to clog this journal with even more useless comments so I won't respond to anymore comments you send relating to this.  I'd still be happy to answer questions for you, though, if you have any.
Lilly-Okami Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're right, "American" is not an ethnicity. However, it IS  a nationality such as British or German. We typically have names of ENGLISH origin, unless there are other races such as Hispanics who would most likely have a name of HISPANIC origin. You are completely right. The fandom/Himaruya can give Nyo!America any name they want.
lol-no-533 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Woah dude calm you titz
golden67789 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
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